September 5 - 6, 1999 - Sunday and Monday

We Meet Thom

While these aren't field notes per se, they may interest you. On Sunday, SLB and I drove up the Gorge on the old road and got good views of the Columbia and the Washington shore. The great slide was clearly visible. This is the slide that probably created the Native American legend of "The Bridge of the Gods." We went back up Hwy. 35 and down past Government Camp. On our way, off in the hills, we passed three wilderness areas and the Bull Run Watershed Preserve. There was not a lot of traffic. It still amazed me that there is so much unpopulated, forested country in this part of the world. This sort of counts as a field note, since we were driving through miles of proven Bigfoot - Sasquatch territory and took a good short walk up the White River.

On Monday, Labor Day, Steve and I finally met Thom Powell. All in all, we talked for at least 2 hours. We met at my house and talked about many things Sasquatch. A couple of points were most interesting. He pointed out a Splinter Cat Creek on the topo map of Roaring River. We had missed this reference name.

Another bit of information that made both Steve and I sit straight and pay attention was his collection of casts. I am sure that one he showed us was from Frank Kanester over in Colton - basically to the west of Fish Creek on the Molalla River drainage. It was a cast that virtually matched the one we had taken in February up by Half-Pint Creek!! The curve of the foot was absolutely striking. Of course, it could be a common result of big feet hitting mud, but the resemblance was there. We had been quite worried that our cast was a figment of our imaginations until now.

Steve showed his video tape for the first time. The overhang above Indian Henry and the shadows were most impressive. The skunk cabbage and the marsh imprints, etc. likewise. We aren't pro's with a video camera, but the job was basic and done.

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