March 9th, 1999

Something woke me about 3AM. Wish I could tell you what it was. Went outside with my Sorrels on. Looked around. There was a light snow coming down. My movement had disturbed the water in the canvas on my side of the trailer and now it started a little rainstorm. I managed to find a little spot where there wasn't an inside drizzle, but too bad. Bag had gotten wet at one side. I just curled a little tighter and tried to go back to sleep. It was not restful from then on.

Coastal range Camp 3/99

At good light, I got up and went outside. Still lightly snowing. It was sticking good and had put a nice layer on the tent trailer. Crawled back into the bag. Still wet on that one side. Silly me. Looked at little watch. Thought it said 9AM. Waited a while and then rousted companion. He was somewhat good natured about it, but pointed out to me that it was only after 7AM and that he could have easily slept for a couple of more hours. I felt a little bad and put on the coffee.

Coming from Coastal range camp 3/99

Went out and got the field stuff. Packed up. Lots of room now that the wood was gone. Had to go slow. The roads had a little snow and ice until we got down to the main highway. Saw one cow elk on the way out.

Back in Portland, it was a fairly nice day with showers predicted for the evening. We set up the tent trailer and turned on the heater. We hit it with hair dryers and got it pretty well dried out. Cranked it part of the way down, covered it with tarps, tied them down real good and I drove home. As cold as it had been, I was surprised by how much the ice had melted in the ice chests. I don't think another day of fresh meat would have made it.

It had been a good expedition. There was only one thing missing. What's that you say? Simple, pictures or physical proof of the subject of our efforts. I hope for more trips like it.

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