August 20-21, 1999

Had to get out of town. Computer bashers getting to me.

Went back up to quarry at Mt. Lowe. Wendy gave me her old wood pile. It was dry and rotten, but useable. Took up a big load. Stopped and got four knots off the big white fir beside the road. Woodcutters had left the best parts. Lots of wood.

High rock quarry Joe Beelart alone.
Sunset looking toward Thomas site on Burnt Granite

Beautiful evening when it came. Moon quarter full and down about 10PM. Wonderful night. Didn't feel much like plutoing though.

Scent marked area. Kept fire going.

The cat like calls started again. Not regular and it was moving.

Stayed up. About 2AM put two 357 warning rounds into the rocks. Fire really comes out of that thing in the dark! What blast.

The calls did quit. Now I was uneasy. Where was the critter?

Stayed up till about 3:30AM. Know because when got up the sun was just starting to rise over the east ridgelines and I still had burning logs in the fire circle.

Slept out on cot. Not feeling well. Instead of usual, bought a fried chicken special at a major chain grocery store. Ate just a few pieces and threw the rest up into the rocks. Not used to it, plus had some wine.

Morning fire. High rock quarry Joe Beelart alone 8/99

Got up. Strange scat about 50' away past the scent line. When got back, confirmed with Steve that it had the characteristics of cougar scat. Also could be a big bob. What I thought. Dangerous. Lucky. Steve thinks that one might have a den in that immediate area and is upset. The rocky hill side would sure be the place for a den.

Boiled coffee. Sick now for sure. Not hung over. No runs or hurling. Must have been the chicken. Had covered it with ice, but it was warm and in the cooler for hours before I ate it. Coffee tasted no good.

Broke camp. No hurry. Put good left over wood back in truck. Took some pictures.

High rock quarry camp. Joe Beelart alone. 8/99

Drove down the NW side of Granite Peaks. Went slow. Didn't feel good at all. Stopped at one place. Steep road. Backed down a ways so truck seat tilted more level. Slept for 45 minutes.

Off on the side of the logging road was a big boulder about 6 feet tall that had rolled down off the mountain. Was covered with moss and lichens. This was August. Warm. It must be a sight when the rains are in. Lots of rocks covered, but not normally such a big one.

Stopped in Carver and had lunch. They put out a good plate there at the little restaurant. The food started to make me feel a little better.

When back, got out Torres mountain lion book. p.55 ".....loud growls/calls resembling domestic cat......!!

Remember the paw prints in the old mud at the quarry from week ago? Should have ID them as cougar (no toe nails/claws) vs coyote (toenails/claws) which I took them for. Or maybe they were coyote, who knows.

No go back there alone, unless......

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