July 30, 31 and August 1, 1999 - Friday evening to Sunday midday

Went down home to check on Dad and see what needed done. SLB couldn't leave early, so we got down to Babe's about 8 PM.

It was mildly hot and dry all weekend. The dust was covering the brush and trees along the gravel roads. The animals were uneasy. Saw several deer in the daytime, even though there was good moon light.

Went on a night walk with Cisco on Friday. He was never scared and ran up and down in front of me. He likes the exercise. Good moon glow. Easy to see on the logging road. No night bird calls of any kind. Only noise was the crunch of my boots and the little wind up in the trees. With just a little moon, night is a grand time to walk.

Saturday, the dog and I went up toward the top of Buck Mountain. The lake up there was low. Stumps showed all over. It was created when they extended the logging road and made a shallow dam.

Not even many deer tracks up there. The jacks were holding tight, hiding from the heat. It was quite hot in the direct sun and the breeze was up in the top of the trees, not under them. The dog just laid on the seat a lot before and after the walk. Normally, he has his head out the window.

Went on one of Starker's motorcycle trails again. Cisco ran good. Went up above a new clear cut and circled down past an old one to the truck. Nothing out. Very quiet and even in under the canopy, there was dust on the leaves. Lots of dust on the motorcycle trails Lots of fire danger.

Went up the trail that I had gone on before. Again, some night birds were calling in the day, one on each side of the ravine; but they didn't seem too enthusiastic about their work. The quail were chirping all over. Water problems? No elk or deer prints at all down there. No water?

Babe says the loggers are going to cut the 400 acres just above her place. I need to get in there and do a good survey before they start cutting.

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