February 18, 1999

First meeting with Trapper Steve Kiley. He had been referred to me by a mutual friend who also lives in the Willamette area.

We had planned to go up the hill, but it was too rainy and probably snowing like the devil up there, so he came up to my house and we talked and talked. It was a swell conversation. Trapper is a licensed, active trapper as a sideline business. Mainly he does house and farm pests, but had taken some beaver last year. He doesn't do coyotes unless absolutely necessary for a couple of reasons.

Trapper Steve has hunted and fished all his life. He has taken four elk. He drives a big black new style Dodge 4 x 4 pickup with a matching canopy. He has a nice wide brimmed felt hat with a bead style headband he made himself. Trapper has some guns, but he is an outdoorsman, not a gun person. It was clear to me, he knows more about the outdoors than I do. He is a big man, six foot at least and solidly built. He wears good smooth soled boots.

We talked about Bigfoot and I loaned him some of my books and pamphlets. He looked at my Bigfoot lures and laughed. He's ready to go. He knows that there is only the very slimmest of chances of seeing one and heartily accepts that fact.

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