January 21, 1999

Washout - Indian Henry Road 1/21/99

Started worrying about the bait stations during the week. Don't know why. They are probably illegal in some way since they are national forest land. The chances of anyone finding them are slight. The chance they could cause injury to anything is minimal, unless an animal got tied up in the fishing line. Anyway, I worried about them and decided to take them down. The two sets of difficult to explain imprints were also on my mind.

Cliff couldn't go again, so I went up alone. Left early. Stopped in at Estacada at the bakery for day old muffins. Six for $1.25 and a refill of strong coffee. Filled up at the Texaco.

Heavy, high overcast and again, no precipitation. It was cold, real cold and it was gray. Snow was on the tree tops and the green firs looked black. Rain had melted most of the snow in exposed areas.

Indian Henry Road 1/21/99 Good, easy walking through typical thinned reprod. Up Indian Henry Road 1/21/99. Site of Joe site 2.
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Took some pics. It was so cold that steam was coming off the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas River. I took pics of that and the washout that might close the road if it got any worse and some other things. The disposable cameras don't take too good pictures, but they get the point across.

Retrieved baits from Joe Site 1 & 2. No new sign. No sign at all except bear, deer and elk tracks at Joe Site 2. Bear shouldn't be out. Could have been cougar. No tracks at all in the racked area except for a deer passing through.

Spam really starting to go bad. Was in garage for a while and now out. Strange color to it. Broke one open and the color went all the way through. The fish oil was also nice and ripe. Cut off swivels so I could use them again and dumped the stuff in a plastic garbage bag. On my way back down the hill, I dumped the bag in a Forest Service dumpster.

I did Joe 2 first, then went up to Joe 1. When I got done there, I took a long hike on the road that I had done the 30 minute one on earlier. It was a nice slight downhill grade. Went to the 2 mile marker and turned back. Counting the trips to the bait sites, I easily put in 5 miles. Wearing the heavy Sorrels and parka and bandoleer pack made me tired. That gradual descent through the forest turned into a nice uphill walk on the way back.

Went for a drive on the other side of the river looking for the next baiting sites. Came out at Three Lynx. Changed into hiking shoes. Sorrels too big and warm for comfort on the long drive back.

Roads: 224 - 4620 Indian Henry - 4621 walk & where gate is - 4630 east side.

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