January 7, 1999

Cliff and I Go Up

Went up in my truck with Cliff Olson. Overcast, no rain, cold - good and cold.

Went up Indian Henry road. Stopped at gate. Snow blocked road going higher. Went for walk in snow. I went low where the road forks and Cliff went high.

Good area. Snow cover showed lots of deer and elk tracks. One set of elk tracks crossed mine. We each went one way for 30 minutes and turned around.

There was a nice big stand of what appeared to be old growth fir at the road intersection. Why it wasn't logged when everything else had been cut at one time or another up that canyon was a mystery to us. Nice and tall and the snow hadn't settled under it yet. Little warmer under it. We decided this was a good baiting site.

Went to the road that goes up Oak Grove Butte. Blocked by snow. Walked quite a ways uphill on the snow covered road. Few tracks.

Came out through Harriet Lake and Three Lynx. Stopped at Three Lynx and Cliff went in and chatted with some of his friends at the PGE shop.

Cliff had retired from PGE about a year ago and had lived up at Three Lynx for about 13 years working the powerhouse complex. He finished his career as a power dispatcher in downtown Portland. Cliff started with PGE clearing brush under the power lines and doing field work at Three Lynx. He's a good natured, tall man that has wandered and hunted all over the Clackamas drainage. He could easily walk many younger men into the ground. He knows the woods and once stepped into a freshly made Bigfoot track up on Oak Grove Butte about 25 years ago.

We talked about baiting stations and trying to get tracks from them. We talked about using cameras and their cost and the potential of losing them. We talked about Bigfoot and had one hell of a nice day. We had coffee and a good lunch and lots of water. We had exercise and a nice red complexion from the walks on the snow. Life was good to us today.

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