January 1, 1999

Down at Babe's place. Rainy day. Drove the hills with the dog. Lots of deer and some elk tracks. They are starting to get over hunting season.

Babe's dog loved to go with me in the truck. He was a black with white blaze Australian sheep dog - not the hairy kind - and a mean dog mix. He liked the exercise of going for a walk. Babe doesn't move too fast taking care of her chickens and cows. Cisco was his name and he would get up on the old thin blanket I would put over his side of the truck seat. He liked the window down and the heater on, just a little. He was good with me, but didn't like SLB. He even bit at her so hard Thanksgiving time that he tore her jeans. Disciplined him good for that.

Anyway, the rain stopped toward evening. This time I told them I was leaving and the dog and I went up the hill again. Darker than two weeks ago. Took long time to get to the S curves. Very cold due to the humidity. No light bugs. Really dark. The dog was uneasy and would hardly leave my side as we went up the hill. Normally, he will run way out in front of me and come back all during a walk. Didn't hear anything except the sound of water falling out of the fir and maple trees. Thought about what the BHB's and cougars do in this kind of weather.

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